2013 Fairy Tale Writing/Art Challenge - Prompt: Colours

Pick a fandom. Pick a pairing. (Or if you write original fic, pick a pair of characters in a certain verse of yours.)

Every month you get a colour and a fairy tale.

Draw or write a fic for your pairing/fandom/original work based on the colour and fairy tale. Post at the end of the month. Can be any length or medium you want.

You don’t have to all the months (but wouldn’t that be a challenge?), you can even pick and choose certain months. You also don’t have to do the same fandom/pairing for each prompt (but it would be awesome if you did.)

Have fun!

Starts in January 2013, ends December 2013.

January - Rumpelstiltskin, turquoise

Febuary - The Steadfast Tin Soldier, orange

March - The Frog Prince, black

April - The Ugly Duckling, pink

May - Thumbelina, purple

June - The Red Shoes, white

July - The Nightingale, blue

August - Snow White, green

September - The Crane Wife, yellow

October - Hansel and Gretal, grey

November - Bearskin, silver

December - The Snow Queen, red

You can also substitute up to four months of prompts with one of these fairy tales: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella or Red Riding Hood